Palace Station Casino

Client/terminal program 122 is any laptop program residing on the consumer/terminal that permits sport administration program 112 to regulate input and output operations performed on client/terminal computer systems a hundred and twenty through server/host interface program 114. In some embodiments, the shopper/terminal program 122 is a WinFrame 1.7 DOS consumer. Client operating system 124 is any working system that can be executed on hardware 126 of shopper/terminal pc 120. In some embodiments, working system 124 is MS-DOS, Windows98 or Windows NT 4.0, or Windows CE obtainable from Microsoft, Corp. Santa Clara, Calif. Windows NT, MS-DOS, Window95, Windows98 and Windows2000 are registered trademarks and Windows NT Server 4.Zero Terminal Server Edition and RDP are trademarks of Microsoft, Corp.

The server/host operating system 116 is any operating system that can be executed on hardware 118 of server/host pc 110. In some embodiments, the server/host operating system 116 is Windows NT 4.0, Windows95, Windows98, or the forthcoming Windows2000, out there from Microsoft, Corp. Redmond, Wash. Alternatively, working system 124 can be any Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) appropriate operating system, accessible from Microsoft, Corp. As soon as a person activates computer gaming system 100 by touching the surface of screen 140, a casino floor image 410 is displayed on display screen 140. As explained with respect to FIGS.

Those expert within the artwork will notice that the move diagram of FIG. 2 is exemplary in nature, for the reason that levels proven in FIG. 2 could the truth is overlap in time if carried out by concurrent processes executed on server/host computer 110 and consumer/terminal computer systems 120. Accordingly, the invention shouldn’t be limited to any explicit sequence of stage 210-270 other than required by the logical dependencies described in the stream diagram. Deal/draw button 775 and hold button 780 are used to supply enter commands to game program 112. The functions performed by sport program 112 when these buttons are pressed are in accordance with the principles of the game of joker poker. Black jack table image 600 also features a management pad 610. Control pad 610 contains a standing board 620 and several virtual buttons: increase wager bet button 625, lower wager guess button 630, deal button 640, hit button 650, keep button 660, cut up button 665, double down button 670, help button 680 and return to casino button 690. Status board 620 gives details about sport status, such as the patron’s bankroll, wager guess quantity, and so on. Increase wager wager button 625 and lower wager guess button 630 are used to change the quantity of the wager guess shown on status board 625. Deal button 640, hit button 650, stay button 660, break up button 665 and double down button 670 enable a patron to offer enter commands to recreation program 112. The functions carried out by recreation program 112 when these buttons are pressed are in accordance with the foundations of the sport of black jack.

When the patron presses keep button 660, or the value of the playing cards within the user’s hand exceeds twenty-one, the casino dealer uncovers the down card and draws further cards until the casino dealer reaches a score of seventeen or higher (eighteen or increased, depending on the home guidelines). I had on common 12-16 male coworkers in my division a shift, they have been very exhausting to deal with, consistently breaking the principles and having to deal with them. To play a hand of black jack, the patron first locations a wager guess by pressing improve wager guess button 625 and/or decrease wager guess button 630 until the correct quantity is shown on standing board 620 after which pressing deal button 640. Two playing cards are then dealt face up to the patron, as shown in FIG. 6A. The casino dealer is dealt one card up and one card down. FIG. 6A illustrates black jack desk picture 600, that is displayed in response to the patron urgent black jack virtual button 430 (FIG. 4B). Black jack table picture 600 shows a top view of a black jack table. FIG. 7A shows video poker picture seven-hundred that’s displayed in response to the person pressing video poker button 440 (FIG. 4B). Video poker image 700 is a entrance view of a video poker area of the the grand theater at foxwoods resort casino floor that includes joker poker button 705, jacks or better button 710, deuces wild button 715, double down button 720, no bonus poker button 725 and bonus poker button 730. Every of virtual buttons 705, 710, 715, 720, 725 and 730 permits the user to access a specific video poker game by pressing the corresponding virtual button.